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By Keanan Duffty
Introduction by BP Fallon

Publication date: May 09

Rebel Rebel by Keanan Duffty

Packed full of insights and visual verve, REBEL REBEL is the last word on the key look which dominates fashion from the catwalk to the club: rebel style.

REBEL REBEL author Keanan Duffty is the leading designer whose collections are inspired by subversive subcultures and a rich mix of high fashion with music and youth and pop culture. An Englishman in New York, Duffty has shown several times at Fashion Week, appeared as a style advisor on a number of US network TV shows and designed and styled everybody from A(vril Lavigne) to B(owie) and back again.

Now, in REBEL REBEL he traces the roots of rebel style from iconic movie stars, rockers and subversive artists to today's cutting-edge designers and those rocking the fashion norm on the street.

Drawing on his experience not only as a red hot fashionista but as a rebellious teen, out-there art student, electro-pop artist, night-clubber extraordinaire and leading member of NYC's downtown art-scene, Duffty takes apart the look and investigates the individual elements in a series of highly visual chapters.

REBEL REBEL is an ultra-cool document for our times, chock full of insider tips and revelations not only from Keanan’s hard-won personal experience but also from the worlds of celebrity, fashion, art, movies and music. It will appeal to those who invest in more interesting design ethics as well as fans of music, fashion, art, design and celebrity, avid for guidance and insights into these worlds from one who truly knows.



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Title Info: The Look: REBEL REBEL
Author: Keanan Duffty
UK Publication date: May 2009
Format: 276 x 228mm
Extent: 144pp + 4pp Cover
Binding: Paperback
UK Price: £14.99
Word count: 35,000
Photographs: 300+
ISBN: 978-0-9552017-1-4